Introducing Mosaila: the first Italian fruit and vegetable brand to promote the Romagna region

06 July 2016

We are proud to present our delicious new venture: Mosaila, the first private fruit and vegetable brand in Italy to focus on local production.

The project was the brainchild of Pietro and Paolo Minguzzi, two young men from Romagna with a family history as producers. Their aim was to introduce local flavours to both domestic and foreign consumers, offering a wide variety of high quality  fruit and vegetables.

Our produce comes directly from the countryside near Ravenna, and from Faenza and Brisighella, traditional areas of production for apricots and kiwis. Other growing areas are around Forlì, Cesena and Rimini, and so cover the whole Romagna region.

Romagna has certain special features which help enhance the flavour, colour and taste of certain fruit and vegetables. Through Mosaila, we offer you a hand-picked selection of these delicious local flavours.

To emphasise the special value of our products, we have photographed each of them in a typical Romagna setting.

A fresh, young approach; graphics, photos, and a high-impact web site as attractive as our products, a unique history and identity: this is Mosaila.

Enjoy the best of Romagna with us!