We have been farmers for generations and we not only like to play the role of producers but also to be the guardians of nature.

In this small microcosm called Romagna , we manage to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the varieties of fruit and vegetables that are traditional and typical of the area.

Complying with the season and the rigid regulations governing production , we strictly hand pick fruit and vegetables during the best time in order to have a perfect balance of sugar and acidity.

What we pick

Always fresh, seasonal, sweet, with a juicy and delicious flesh, Mosaila includes the following varieties:

• Apricot
• White peach
• Yellow peach
• White nectarine
• Yellow nectarine

• Plum
• Kiwi Hayward
• Fuji Apple
• Carmen Pear
• Abate Fetel Pear

How we grow it?

We make it a point to daily maintain the quality because it is  the only way to make you appreciate the colour and the taste of our territory. 

Mosaila fruit and vegetable varieties are tracked and controlled and are grown using cultivation techniques with a low environmental impact to provide you with healthy, safe and overall good fruit.

Do you know, why Mosaila is so good?

Soil fertility: the availability of water here in Romagna is abundant.

Outstanding climate conditions: sea and mountains, gentle and sunny hills, a steady breeze and temperature variations between day and night ideal for ripening fruit in the best way

Sweetness: Mosaila is sweet and perfectly balanced

Experience: We have been farming land for generations and our grandparents have passed on to us their passion and pleasure in farming

Observance of rigid regulations governing production: we reduce chemical action by using sustainable farming systems techniques for humans and the environment


We have always wanted to transmit reliability and safety, that is the reason why we have the highest production standards. 

BRC: Acronym of British Retail Consortium, it is the certification formed in 1998 in order to guarantee that brand products are obtained according to clearly defined standards of quality and meeting the minimum requirements. It can be compared to specifications that bind qualified suppliers to the distribution company.

GLOBAL G.A.P.: The protocol was created by the Eurep (Euro- Retailer Produce Working Group) that connects some of the most important European supermarket chains in order to meet the increasing requirements of the consumers worldwide for food safety and environmental protection.

GRASP: It is the form related to the protocol GLOBAL G.A.P. regarding health and safety of the workforce. It focuses on the evaluation of basic indicators for the possible social risks on farms.

Tesco Nurture: It is a standard necessary for fruit and vegetables producers that supply Tesco supermarkets. Since it is very strict and of very high level, it ensures the best farming techniques applied to the primary sector.