Colour, taste, vitality, joy. This is Romagna.

It is not only a geographical expression, but it is first of all a territory with its own well defined identity, history and culture.

Love for land, a very strong sense of belonging and a generous, rebel, festive spirit have shaped a very strong farming territory in a fertile ground for new ideas and flavours where man and nature live in perfect harmony.

Mosaila was created from this desire, from the dream of telling you about Romagna through our best, sweetest and local fruit and vegetables. 

We have decided to describe and enhance our land with a photographic project, where you can see a hand holding a Mosaila fruit sticking out of either important monuments or out of typical sites of our land.

Every season and every time you taste Mosaila, you will think of the hospitality, warmth, cheerfulness and the delicacy of this land.